After booking

Once you have completed a booking with me, I will give you the postcode to the area you need to get to and you must call me when you have arrived. I will then verbally direct you to where you need to go – this is for consideration of our neighbours and is non negotiable (unless you have already visited the studio previously and know where to go).


I work from a dungeon in Milton Keynes which is situated just 15 minutes from both Junction 14 and 15 of the M1, 10 minutes from the A5. It is ‘middle England’ as they say and can be reached from Birmingham in an hour, equally London in the same time.  Milton Keynes has great train links into its mainline station,  London just a 35 minute journey, and the studio is just 10 minutes from the station.


Please arrive on time – any time arriving late is deducted from the overall session, for example if you are ten minutes late you do not get an extra ten minutes added on to the end. This is because there may well be other bookings after ours.

Your Preparation

Before the session, it is of absolute importance that you have eaten something and are well hydrated – some parts of the session may be quite physically demanding and for your own safety you need to have prepared and taken care of yourself.

Psychologically it is also worth preparing for what you are about to experience (or indeed endure!) It is perfectly natural to be anxious – I advise you use whatever coping strategies you find most useful to alleviate this feeling, for example exercise.

Do not disrespect me by arriving under the influence of any kind of drink or drugs – you will be turned away and I will not session with you. I allow aromas to be used within sessions, but this may mean for your safety I will restrict the equipment used.

Upon arrival, I expect you to have a high level of personal hygiene and you must be dressed in civilian clothing out of respect for the neighbours – there will be opportunity for you to change once inside.

Our Meeting

I will be dressed exquisitely, and have a wide variety of gorgeous, expensive outfits and lingerie to choose from. If you have a preference please be sure to let me know, or I will wear what I consider to be most beautiful on the day.

I will greet you, and we can have a chat to calm any nerves. This is a very important time, as I will go over information such as agreed safe words and any other concerns or requests you may have. This is also the time where I shall expect the tribute, which I accept in cash and will leave temporarily to safely put away.

When I re-enter the room your individually tailored session will begin.

At the end of the session you will be provided with an optional sugary snack or drink and an aftercare sheet to read once you have left – this covers information about sub-drop and wound care.